Monday, July 22, 2013

So we have reached the end of Round Three......

The battles in round Three went pretty much how I thought they would except for The Group C Linda Roberts/Helena Tang affair. 

As much as I like Linda's "Crystal Volcano" I thought  Helena's  "Phoenix Collar"  would win the day.What I found particularly interesting about the voting for this battle is how close the voting was from the invited judges/participant pool. Seems like  a number of the voters were swayed by the seemingly more frequent potential opportunities to go out wearing something like "Crystal Volcano".  

Congratulations to both Linda and Helena on a job well done. Beady warriors through and through........


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  1. As you were, Steven, I was totally surprised by the outcome. Helena's piece is exquisite and an incredible work of art. I am very honored to have moved on and struggling a bit to accept the "win." I'm deeply grateful to all those who saw beauty in my piece.