Thursday, July 18, 2013


Well the Battle Of The Beadsmith has finally launched with all the battle of group C posted over at our Facebook group.  

For those of you without faceboook I will try to give you the opportunity to follow along the best I can. Just aren't enough hours in the day.....

Well enough moaning from me there are battles to be waged. 


Group C Battle 32 karen D'Andrea vs Edit Peng


Tropicalkaren Design by Karen D'Andrea

My artistic style is clean, simple, experimental and above all, wearable. 
I love working with tiny seedbeads because of their colors, textures and the vast potential they have for original design. I decided to make a vest because I had never done one (and probably will never do one again, lol).

1. Name of piece - Warrior Princess 
My vest was inspired by the idea of mythic princesses and goddesses wearing armor with "bling". 

2. Stitches used - Bead Embroidery, vest and belt are original patterns by tropicalkaren

3. Products used - size 11/0 Aqua and Blue Japanese seed beads, Swarovski crystal (rivoli, flatbacks and bicones), 100% premium black wool (felted), Fireline, silver belt buckle.

4. Size of Piece - 35" wide and 18" long.

5. Time to complete - 200 hours.


 Edit Peng: Bluebird In Eden

I met beading accidentally in 2007 - and I wasn’t able to leave it any more.
Internet articles and videos helped me to start, I studied some books of beading techniques, then I found beading courses in Budapest.
I made friends with a couple of nice artists. We laughed a lot while I was learning a lot.
I’ve used different creative techniques, nowadays soutache is my favourite one.  

Techniques: soutache
Swarovski Elements: 
caboshon: Pear 24 x 12 mm
Rivoli 12 – 14 mm
Navette 15 x 7 mm
pendant: Teardrop 24 x 12 mm
Hearts 14 x 14 mmMini pear 10 mmbicon 3 – 4 mmmargerita flowers
Czech glass beads: dagger, farfalle, crystal bicon 4 mm, firepolished beads 3 – 4 – 6 mm,
pressed glass beads, pearls 10 – 6 – 4 – 3 mm,
Super Duo
Mineral bead: purple jade 14 x 8 mm
Seed beads 8/0, 15/0
Miyuki delica 10/0
Soutache threads
Monofil sewing threadLeather backing
Size of piece: front part measures 22 x 32 cm
Time to complete: 80 hours (+ many sleepless nights - tossing and turning in bed)

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